For Dani

It's pretty cliche that I tell my hair dresser things I won't tell my best friend, I know that.  On my most recent visit I confessed my near complete boredom with being "a mommy", yes I said it, and how I wish I could spend more time being creative, you know "like a job" (side note, I do have a creative job). She pretty much insisted that I write this.  I know I have to make a choice, put it out there or don't.  I've definitely resisted blogging in the past because I thought it was self indulgent or worse, braggy, or even worse, some sort of public therapy, but worst of all I suppose I'm afraid I'm too lazy to commit. In any case, this is about the things I make and do. 

First Post:

The Fake Out Camping Trip

So, My husband is out of town for a few days and I have both kids (I have two little boys) to amuse all day and night by myself.  It's summer, and we live up in the woods of a big city.  I'll admit I kind of planned this "Camping Trip" on the fly. It started with the tent...Jasper wanted to make another clean living room destroying fort. This would involve unfolding all of our sheets, rearranging furniture and inevitably dumping out every single toy we own inside it.  No thanks.  I suggested we get the tent out of the garage and set it up on the deck!  From there we decided to go "mountain biking" on our bike path and we had a spaghetti cook out before retiring to our tent for the night. Yes, I nixed the marshmallows, we didn't have any. Yes, I slept outside on a bouncy air mattress getting kicked by a 5 year old and woken up by a baby monitor all night, but it was kind of awesome and I'm about to go outside for night number two.