Dress Shirt

This week I spent a little time thinking about my fall wardrobe.  I've been reading up on trends and evaluating what gets to stay and what gets to go in my closet.  I have an extensive collection of pretty work dresses from my former career as a bridal consultant, many of which I have no place to wear anymore, but I love them for their fit and pattern.  Vogue tells me the whole dress over pants thing is back, unfortunately I spent so many years shedding that 90's look that it's hard for me to imagine putting it back into practice, unless of course the dress is really mini.  

One of my favorite dresses to never be worn again is an ikat print in a heavy linen.  It had a tapered skirt so the whole dress over pants thing was out.  I decided that I would hem it into a shirt and give it a new lease on life. I pinned the shirt just below the pocket line, hemmed the bottom, sewed the pockets closed and trimmed them out. This would probably have been an inexpensive alteration if I'd taken it to a tailor, but doing it myself freed up my bucks for new boots, plus I think I'll like this dress over jeans a lot more.