The Projects Continue...


After months of dust flying in the air, the sound of saws and hammers, eating out of a garage, when it was mostly finally done we took a break...then school started and client work picked up, and I got a little unmotivated to keep going. There's some things purposely left unfinished. We plan to build shelves across the entire span of the fireplace wall to house our hundreds of books, small works of art, records, plants, tchotchkes and collected beach matter. I haven't figured out how I want to execute that, so we wait, and pop a temporary bookshelf in there for now. There are some things that will take me an afternoon to finish, like reupholstering the dining chairs. And there are some other things that are weighing on me that have to get done, so I'm outing myself to the interwebs to make it happen. Here we go...

The desk. I need a workspace that is not the kitchen island (from where I write these words). A place to plop the computer, to house the cords, to call my office. We have the cabinet, and the leftover walnut plywood from the open shelves, I even ordered the chair, so it's happening. 

The chairs. I found this pair on Craigslist back in January? They are in "perfect" condition, with original blue leaf patterned upholstery. Fabric has been ordered, I just need to haul them down to the upholsterer to get it done. 

Ack. The bathroom floor. I got it in my head that I would wait to do the tile floor after everything wrapped up, because we were leaving town for a few weeks and I'd needed to think more on what I wanted to do with the floor. Now I'm dreading this job. I finally ordered the black hex tile for the floor, and am working up the courage to start demo again.  And then there's this...

There's a push pin holding up that rattan accent mirror masquerading as an actual vanity mirror, and those are the mirrored green room lights that came with the house. We switched out the vanity in order to complete the flooring, but stopped there. I need to change out the hardware, install new lighting, get a bigger mirror on the wall and paint. 

Add I need to get Jasper's room decorated (I still haven't done that, we've been here for well over a year, poor kid) boy have I got my work cut out for me.  

Okay, I feel better. Getting it out there is the first step... Deep breaths, just get started.

I'm also working on a DIY post for the the open shelves with some contractor notes from my brother-in-law for all those folks wanting more info on how to build something similar. Stay tuned.

xo, H