The Progress Post

When we tore down the old deck last summer we used the scrap wood to build out four 8' planter boxes, shoveling in 4 cubic yards of soil, planting our first garden of greens, fava beans, arugula, onions and potatoes. Amidst the chaos of tarps, dust and very cramped quarters (I'm slowly going insane), we still have our garden, and today I harvested the remains of the winter crop. Last week the boys picked and juiced over 100 lemons from our lucky tree, and in the front yard our plants are huge and almost in full bloom. Despite the fact that the house is so torn up right now, we still have a wonderful place to be, we just need to remember to go outside.


A few weeks have gone by since my last dispatch from the remodel and we still don't have a kitchen or floors, but the plumbing and electrical is in the walls, the entry way has been bumped out,  permits have been checked and we have drywall up and ready for sanding. Next week we will start painting and building the cabinets! Here's the progress in pictures...

The original 1960's groovy glass panel has been removed and the entry has been bumped forward 2 feet. We could only go that far out in order to stay under the existing roof. A new foundation was poured and the new wall was framed in to create more of a foyer, which doesn't look like much from the outside, but from the inside it feels like a whole new house. No longer does the door open directly into the hallway, and there will be room for some storage.

With the walls opened up, it was two weeks of rough-in plumbing and electrical. This is a tedious process, lots of wires to step over, but not as messy as drywall, which is really driving me bananas right now.

And here we are now, I had the existing texture skim coated smooth in the open space, all the way down the stairs.  It's just about dry and ready for sanding, and me, and my paint brush. Until then...