Goodbye and Welcome

Okay, I'm doing this.  First off, this is not really good-bye at all, it's just the end of the first act. For the past 3 years I have been burning my fingers with hot glue, camera hanging around my neck, cobbling together what is now an archive of over 450 posts, many of which capture my children in sweet, well-lit moments, growing older before my eyes. Poppy Haus was the project I created to help stay engaged with the outside world while getting them through their early years at home, a period of time for me to consider my next professional step. What began as Make-Do, a little blogspot journal, quickly grew into the Poppy Haus before you today. It's become so much more than I imagined it could ever be, and I've become more of a blogger than I ever originally intended, going to conferences, leveraging social media, working with brands. In the end, it's the writing, photography and working on composition, color, styling that are the true joys of my day. I will continue to do them, but this little spot on the interwebs is moving forward.  

For the past year and a half I have been training in interior design, taking courses, volunteering my services, interning, and working with small project clients. I kept plugging away with Poppy Haus while I figured out my next move. And now here we are.

Today I am so very proud to announce that I have started Make+Haus.
This will be the new online home for the blog, a portal for my interior design and styling services as well as the future bulletin for camps and classes which will be offered starting 2015. Over the weekend Poppy Haus will disappear into the ether, but you will find the full archive including this post and a fresh offering at my new home which will go live by the time you wake up for Monday morning coffee. Thank you as always for reading.

Okay, gotta go do so much work.  Goodbye and Welcome. xo, Heather