Design For Small

I got another package in the mail from Princeton Architectural Press.  Enclosed were two books and a hand written note letting me know they are publishing their first architecture series for children. The "Who Built That?" books look at famous examples of important houses and buildings and their famous architects, from Frank Lloyd Wright and his amazing Fallingwater to Mies Van Der Rohe with a little shout out to Bauhaus and utilitarian design, to the wacky, sculptural work of Frank Gehry. I dare say I learned a few things about some of my favorite buildings, and it seems the perfect way to kick off a little mini-series about teaching applied art/design to children. Here's a peek into the book about modern homes. 

The Farnsworth House by Van De Rhoe is a glass pavillion set amongst the trees. It is the most simple, and my favorite in the book.

Frank Lloyd Wright's Fallingwater is such a powerful building, sitting atop and within a waterfall. Many of the famous structures featured in this book show how designers are inspired by, and challenged by the surrounding environment.

We pulled out my book about Case Study houses, and compared The Eames House in photos to the illustrations in the children's version.  The children's book answers the question that every child asks: Why? Why did they design it that way? Why did they use those materials? Maybe I'm a kid at heart, but I want to know why too.