How It Works

Yesterday has become today.  Family duties come first, and I was needed.  So today is the day that I will be talking about the Make+Haus design services. In subsequent posts I'll be sharing specific projects, I have a few to finish photographing, and I hope to take you through some projects as they are happening, but for today I want to talk about how it will all work, and how I got here. 

I've been moonlighting as decorator for friends and family for years.  Have me over for Sunday Football and I'm likely to help you rearrange your floor plan. I get tapped to find people couches, lamps, rugs.  So after writing the blog for a few years, I decided to go back to school to make this interior design thing a reality, and learned how to read drawings, to sketch, textile and materials, and business practices. In the end I had to admit I was more passionate about decorating than remodeling, and so this January I decided it was time to move forward as an interior decorator/stylist, I was ready to make it a real thing. 

Before I got started I wanted to figure out how to work with real clients in this capacity,  what type of projects I wanted to work on, and how I'd structure pricing, so I reached out to a group of friends to see if they'd like to be my guinea pigs.  They  were all over it.  After working out the process with them, what I landed on was this: collaborative design.  I create the design concept and do the styling, while the client acts as their own project manager.  This allows clients with smaller budgets and big dreams (my target demographic) to do much of the work themselves and gives me the freedom to take on multiple projects at once.  I can consult at an hourly rate for small projects and styling, and offer a package for a more involved re-design.  In any case, after meeting with a client, it all starts with a Pinterest "Haus" board where we start our design collaboration and hammer out a direction. This is the very fun part.

Pictures say a thousand words, and starting this way helps me to get a firm grasp on what the design will be, their style, and how that will work within the parameters of their space. 

After testing the waters with a few clients with larger projects, I was able to draft up a proposal for a package service for prospective clients who need to do a full re-design of their space, but don't want to invest in full service interior design, which can really eat into a tight budget.  This package is offered as a set price dependent on the scope of the project with extras including shopping and project management available for an hourly rate. 

The shopping lists include mood boards so that the client can see how the pieces can work together.  After all the paint is on the walls, and the furniture in place, I come in and help organize the space,  style the shelves, get the pillows just right.  All that stuff I've been doing for years.

Here's a sample of an accessories mood board I did for a newer client.  They are into mid-century, but they are also really passionate about the Brazilian martial art Capeoria, and have many beautiful instruments to display in their multi-purpose family room.  After laying out the floor plan, and furnishings, I suggested accessories that would complement their eclectic style.

So there you have it!  I'll keep sharing as things evolve. I know they will.  Hop on over to the Design Services tab if you think you'd like to work together and please pass this along to anyone you think might be interested!